7 Positive Ways to Do Autism Awareness

When will the need for autism awareness end? Never! Even as the public moves towards acceptance and inclusion for those on the spectrum...we will need to continue awareness education. Yes, what we will talk about will change because people will evolve in their understanding. But it's important that we keep the conversations going so we can demystify autism. No, our work as a community is not done. In fact, we are just beginning. Here are 7 positive ways that self-advocates, parents, and educators are spreading autism awareness: Give … [Read more...]

Autimism: From Can’t to Can

Scroll down for our giveaway for iPad Mini, Nexus 7 tablet, gift cards and goodies. By Julie Brusio I always knew there was something different about Debbie.  She began Special Education services through our county's Infants and Toddlers program when she was 2 years old.  However, she was not formally diagnosed with Autism until she was 5.  Now, I could tell you that I was ready to conquer the Autism world from the beginning.  I could tell you that I was ready to be the Autism Warrior Mom that Debbie needed.  But, I was not.  Even though I … [Read more...]

Autimism: Positive for a Change
April 1-30

April is Autism Awareness Month, and Geek Club Books and Conquer for Conner are teaming up with the Autism Society to present a full roster of editorial and special events that focus on the positive side of Autism. We call it Autimism and our mission is to move the world forward— from awareness to acceptance to inclusion. Every day in April, you'll be uplifted and inspired by essays, interviews and photography by the people who are or have someone they love on the autism spectrum—mom bloggers, Facebook admins, young autistic adults, … [Read more...]