Autism: To Tell or Not to Tell?

To tell or not tell, that is the question. Parents of children with disabilities struggle with this question from the moment a diagnosis is made. Some disabilities give parents little choice in such a decision. For instance, blindness and deafness do not need to be fully explained to be understood. But, what should a parent do when the diagnosis is more complicated? Parents of children on the autism spectrum often wrestle with the decision of whether to tell others and their child about an autism diagnosis. For those of us with children with … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Our Son’s Autism Diagnosis is an Open Book

To reveal or not reveal? I know so many of us parents struggle with whether or not they should openly reveal their child’s autism diagnosis. Since autism is often a hidden disability, many limit who knows to the immediate family and the professionals working directly with their children. It’s not the decision we made. And when I say decision, we never sat down and even talked about whether to reveal or not to reveal. For us, talking about our son’s autism diagnosis isn’t an issue. Now we don’t just blurt it out, “Hey, nice to meet you, my … [Read more...]