Why Ben Affleck Has Made My Year!

By Yadira V. Calderon Ben Affleck talked to his kids about autism because of role in The Accountant. He plays Christian Wolff, an autistic math savant with lethal fighting skills. He said talking to them about the role opened the doors to having a conversation with them about autism. He told People Magazine that he told them that “all of us are very different and some of us see the world in really different ways, and this condition that makes you different can also make you very special…and that’s cool as well.” In my world Ben Affleck … [Read more...]

That’s My DJ: A Family’s Journey with Autism

I virtually met Cindy on our Geek Club Books Facebook community where she talked about becoming an author: My journey with DJ hasn't always been easy but as my husband Michael and I wrote this book, I was able to look at some of the highlights of my life and began to feel blessed by all that we have accomplished. I hope our book encourages others to share their journey and continue to strive for the best. I NEVER thought in a million years that I would see my son on the front page of a book...Or that my name would be on the title as the … [Read more...]

Approaching the Autism Journey with Optimism

When my son was young, he was very different from all his peers. It wasn’t until he was a teen when he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. But back then, being on the spectrum was a mystery, even to the professionals who worked with him. Here was my precious child, my beautiful son, and there were few people I could turn to for any answers or advice. I relied on my unconditional love, intuition and fierce determination to help him with what he needed when he needed it. Oh, how I longed to find even one other parent who would understand … [Read more...]

Did I Fail as a Parent with My ‘Other’ Child?

An Interview with My Grown Up Neurotypical Daughter Editor's Note: An excerpt of this interview was published on The Mighty. Here is the full interview with my daughter, Molly. What I hope you take away from this is that you, dear parent, are doing the best you can. If you come from a place of love−and I know that you are−your children with and without special needs are going to become the amazing adults you dream of them becoming! I wish there was a manual with the exact formula for being an awesome parent. No, I wish that there was a … [Read more...]

A Mighty Mission to Educate and Empower!

Find out the inspiration behind an organization that aims to educate and empower. BY Ingrid Simone, Toca Boca Executive Editor Article originally published in Toca Boca Magazine When Jodi Murphy’s son, Jonathan, was 9, he would pace in the corner, have one-way conversations and avoid eye contact. Now, at age 29, Jodi says, “he’s a guy who can command the stage, make you laugh, entertain and engage you with a twinkle in his eye.” It hasn’t been an easy road. Jonathan has Asperger syndrome. Jodi’s years of advocating for and supporting … [Read more...]