Autism Superhero: Hunter

"Hunter was diagnosed November 1st of this year. This amazing little human is meant to be a rock star! He is always drumming or singing. Hunter doesn't speak well, unless he is singing. Fast music soothes his soul and mind. He is truly our family's hero. No matter how bad things get he smiles. Autism has been a stressful diagnosis and our roller-coaster, but we are making good out of every situation." Hunter, we agree with your are a rock star! Welcome to the Mighty League: Would you like us to feature your autism superheroes … [Read more...]

The Secrets of a Successful Buddy Program

How did one mom create a successful buddy program and lasting friendships for her autistic son? When it comes to parenting a child on the autism spectrum, don’t you wish that there was a book with all the answers? A roadmap to helping them grow and thrive? Each autistic child is unique and there are no “one size fits all” solutions to making sure we’re meeting our children’s needs. We may not know what to do at any given time, but we must trust that we have the strength within us to figure it out…to find and, sometimes, fight for their … [Read more...]

Rights of a Child – Rights of Us All

By Yadira V. Calderon Contributor: Guy Stancliff My daughter Thomais has autism. I’ve learned to savor the happy moments and embrace the challenging ones. A mother’s love can only bring a child so far, but I have a few fundamental beliefs: She has a right to interact. She has a right to be unique. She has a right to be astounding. She has a right, above all, to be respected. Of course, in this world, none of that is guaranteed. But I can, as a mother and advocate, do my best to provide her with the foundational love and support … [Read more...]

Mighty League Moms Many Voices, One Heart

Our individual voices are strong, but we're coming together collectively so our message of autism love advocacy rises! We're the Mighty League Moms, women dedicated to changing the public's perceptions by showing the positive side of autistic individuals. We’re a global group—from the west to the east coast in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Belgium and Australia--and we have many perspectives and experiences to share, but one heart when it comes to our feelings and commitment to those we love on the autism spectrum. We have children who … [Read more...]