Why I Stopped Worrying About After-School Activities

By Megan Amodeo When we first set eyes on our tiny little bundles, boy or girl, we have visions of great athletes, scientists and presidential aspirations. The reality is, our children become who they become. We parents can only do so much to shape our children but ultimately, they becomes their own unique selves. My youngest daughter started middle school this year. Of course I had the same concerns that every parent has as their child enters a new stage in life. I worried about her classes, her locker, her friends…a laundry list of … [Read more...]

Why Ben Affleck Has Made My Year!

By Yadira V. Calderon Ben Affleck talked to his kids about autism because of role in The Accountant. He plays Christian Wolff, an autistic math savant with lethal fighting skills. He said talking to them about the role opened the doors to having a conversation with them about autism. He told People Magazine that he told them that “all of us are very different and some of us see the world in really different ways, and this condition that makes you different can also make you very special…and that’s cool as well.” In my world Ben Affleck … [Read more...]

10 Best Words to Describe an Autism Parent

I’ve been thinking about my being an autism parent. (Now that my children are adults I actually have time for reflection.) I am the parent of two, one with Asperger’s Syndrome and the other who’s not on the autism spectrum. Did I raise them differently? Not really. Both of them have my unconditional love and attention. But I do think that having a child with special needs made me dig deep into my soul’s reservoir and activate the personality traits necessary to help him flourish. Describe an Autism Parent So what are those traits? What words … [Read more...]