Why It’s Mandatory for Court Personnel to Be Autism Aware!

By Trish Ieraci Do we need all court personnel to be autism aware? When he was 13, my son with autism was subpoenaed to appear in court. He was a victim—A young man in school felt it was okay to hit my son, not once, but twice within the same week. Supposedly my son looked "funny" to him. The case was turned over to the State Attorney's Office. When we received the subpoena I knew that I had to prepare my son.  I advised him that we would have to go to court. The first words out of my son’s mouth were "I'm going to kill him.” I knew my … [Read more...]

Are You Worried about the Safety of Your Autistic Child?

Parents, remember the excitement, joy and sheer terror we faced when we brought home our new little bundles from the hospital? No matter boy or girl, twins or more, the second you walk through the door you start to worry. WORRY, about everything! Is she breathing? Is he eating enough? One blanket, no blanket? Does anyone really know how to do this whole parenting thing?!? Usually after a few weeks (OK, maybe months) things start to settle into a daily routine. But wait, who said anything about walking? The worry and panic start all over … [Read more...]

Building Safer Communities for Those Who Wander

By Project Lifesaver International As parents we strive every day to keep our children safe and protected. All the more so when our child is on the autism spectrum. Some may be non-verbal and prone to the life threatening behavior of wandering. An autistic child who wanders can put themselves in extremely unsafe situations. Many autistic elopers will typically hide or run complicating the search and rescue efforts, posing significant challenges for first responders and reducing the chances of the wanderer's safe return. Additionally … [Read more...]

Autism and Safety: “If I Need Help”

By Erin Wilson So much has happened since my husband and I shared our story on Geek Club Books last April. Even our name reflects our changes going from QR Code iD to If I Need Help. And we are officially a 501(c)(3) charity. Our energetic son Jay is autistic. After experiencing his getting lost at school and in an amusement park, we wanted to create a way to communicate for him. Our solution was to make personal wearable QR codes for him and for other children just like him. When the code is scanned or manually entered, a profile appears … [Read more...]