Find Empathy and Acceptance in ‘No One Needed to Know’

Donna Driver is an author primarily of young adult and middle grade novels and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She likes to write about diverse characters dealing with social or environmental issues. She’s won two awards for the environmental themes in her novel Cry of the Sea, the first of her YA fantasy series The Juniper Sawfeather Novels. Her novel No One Needed to Know is a story about empathy and acceptance with autism themes; something she has firsthand experience with. Donna is a teacher at a … [Read more...]

Darius Hates Vegetables

Darius Brown is a 5th grader who has been mainstreamed at Skyline Elementary School since kindergarten. Throughout grade school he received a lot of speech therapy services due to his inability to speak. The services taught DJ sign language to sign the words he couldn’t speak and other methods to communicate while in school and at home. He also received adaptive physical education services that helped with his motor skills. These services included swimming, roller skating and other activities to help develop his low muscle tone. Now he can … [Read more...]

From Under the Bridge…

There are brilliant autism stories that have been written, blog posts that have been posted, and articles that have been published, that are sadly buried in the news feeds and blogosphere...We're on the hunt for these missing manuscripts to bring these 'treasures' back for you to discover! In this article, Brooke says "be a friend, ask questions, be supportive, but don’t be a troll... From Under the Bridge By Brooke Twine, Autism Seriously? My Year 11 class informed me that I am a troll. At first I thought they were referring to … [Read more...]