Valued: Making the World an Inclusive Place

By Elaine Dai [Tweet "Valued and included starts with valuing and including, and that's something ALL of us can do"] I read an article today about Gap’s new ad for its autumn kids’ collection, which features a girl with cerebral palsy, in a wheel-chair. Special needs parents are applauding the ad, saying that the more people see children with disabilities in ads, television, and the media, the more they will be seen by others like any other kid, and included, like any other kid. This really … [Read more...]

A Few of Our Favorite Perks

We're one week into our Indiegogo campaign that will fund our next autism story app, Mighty League Vol. 2: The Terrible Taunting. This is our next step for our 501c3 charity. When you contribute, you will be expanding our app library for autism education and growing our empowerment programs for autistic children and adults. And for your generosity we have come up with some crazy cool perk packages. To see them all, go straight over to our campaign.  Like Oprah, we have our favorites... NEW PERK! In honor of October Bully Awareness … [Read more...]

Onward Geek Club Books – The Next Steps

What began as a creative project inspired by my son, has turned into a movement for change and empowerment. For almost two years I've been working on Geek Club Books. What started as a creative brainstorm, has turned into a 501c3 charity on a mission to profoundly change how the world views autism. We use app technology to engage and tell real stories from our own family's experiences to entertain children while educating them about autism. Research shows that narrative has a powerful impact on the brain, so our autism stories elicit … [Read more...]


It happened. Saturday, like any other day, I went to the mailbox and grab the day's mail. It's a ritual I often ask myself why I continue doing since most of the time it's nothing but junk. But it's the hope of finding a treasure among the trash−a handwritten letter from a friend, a commission check for app sales, a new issue of that creative magazine from Canada that I enjoy so much. Walking up to the house, I shuffled through the stash and there it was. A letter from the IRS. I wasn't expecting it for at least another one to three … [Read more...]