Artists with Autism and Supportive Self-Employment

Business: Artists With Autism, Inc. Mission: “Promoting Micro-enterprising, Providing Opportunities, Creating Independence” What is Artists With Autism? Artists With Autism is the only not for profit social enterprise of its kind providing a retail gallery as a platform for more than 50 artists, authors and crafters with autism spectrum to show and sell their handmade art and crafts. They receive 100% of the proceeds from their sales. Why did you feel that starting your own business was the answer? We believe supported … [Read more...]

Haley Moss: “Different Isn’t Bad and It Isn’t Less”

Haley, I don’t know where to begin! You do so many things…artist, author and autism advocate. Why don’t we start by having you share what it was like growing up on the autism spectrum. Growing up on the spectrum for me has always been a positive experience. When I was younger, I never thought something was wrong with me or that I was different. There’s a common thread that kids with autism are aware that they’re different, or their peers think they are weird. But…I thought I was the cool one and everyone else was weird! Autism has never been … [Read more...]

Meet Sara Joy, a Creative Autistic Entrepreneur

Sara Joy Sánchez is a young woman living in Mexico. She has Aspergers Syndrome but she wants you to know that it isn't stopping her from pursuing her dreams. She is a creative entrepreneur who has her own business, Joy Chan - Diseños & Creaciones Sara, you are so young, just 17 years old and already a graphic designer. That's impressive! How did you learn how to do graphic design? I asked my parents to go to a school near of my house, I’m homeschooled, so I always look for things to do. How does your Aspergers help you? I think it … [Read more...]

Imagine That! An Amazing Studio for Developmentally Disabled Artists

By Brandon Forrest Frederick, Imagine That! Kansas City Imagine That! Kansas City is an innovative and creative non-profit arts organization, gallery, and studio that supports developmentally disabled artists. Located in the heart of Kansas City’s arts district, we have exhibitions on First Friday’s of each month alongside numerous other galleries in the area. IT!KC is a program offered through Resources for Human Development, a non-profit organization that operates in 14 states, addressing intellectual and developmental disabilities, … [Read more...]

Autistic Artist: Joshua Hartzler’s Story

Meet Joshua Hartzler, a self-taught autistic artist living in Kansas City. He goes to a day program for adults with disabilities that functions as an art studio. It's here that Joshua is exploring his talent, expanding his horizons and establishing himself in the art world. As a mildly Autistic Artist I'm compared to a sponge soaking up all information around me. My art is a direct reflection of my observational quality. I draw inspirations from characteristics of people, animals and places I exam in in real life, read about in books, … [Read more...]