A Mission of Kindness and Awareness for ALL!

Join our autism nonprofit and Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books in spreading “Kindness and Awareness” by educating all children about children with autism and other special needs. We create autism awareness education and curriculum so parents and teachers can introduce important topics of autism in the inclusive classroom. Someone Special Books allows the parent or educator to further personalize the message of acceptance through their customizable picture books. Working in collaboration, we help children develop the compassion and … [Read more...]

A Few of Our Favorite Perks

We're one week into our Indiegogo campaign that will fund our next autism story app, Mighty League Vol. 2: The Terrible Taunting. This is our next step for our 501c3 charity. When you contribute, you will be expanding our app library for autism education and growing our empowerment programs for autistic children and adults. And for your generosity we have come up with some crazy cool perk packages. To see them all, go straight over to our campaign.  Like Oprah, we have our favorites... NEW PERK! In honor of October Bully Awareness … [Read more...]