Do Chewable Necklaces Help with Oral Sensory Input?

A SentioCHEWS Chewable Necklaces Product Review By Elizabeth O'Keeffe One big feature of life for many children on the autism spectrum, such as my six year old daughter Melon, is the need to gain oral sensory input through chewing. Chewing can help children with autism and/or sensory issues manage their anxiety and boredom and to better engage with the world around them. Chewing can cause problems though - damage to clothing, furniture, toys and school equipment has a financial cost, it can draw negative attention to the child in public … [Read more...]

A Friend in Need Indeed

There are brilliant autism stories that have been written, blog posts that have been posted, and articles that have been published, that are sadly buried in the news feeds and blogosphere...We're on the hunt for these missing manuscripts to bring these 'treasures' back for you to discover! This is a beautifully written piece on autism parenting and friendship... A Friend in Need Indeed By Liz O'Keefe, Cat on a Trampoline Hubs and me had a long chat recently. We covered a lot of ground: hopes, fears, challenges, changes, our … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day: Liz O’Keefe

My dream Mother's Day? That's an easy one to tell you about, because I already lived it—the last day of our recent family holiday... We were staying on the North Cornwall Coast in England. It was a warm day in late spring, no clouds in the sky. We packed the beach essentials—sunscreen, blanket, windbreak, snacks, bucket and spade—and off we went. We were on the beach for 5 hours, just happy to be there with each other. There were no phone calls, no interruptions, no deadlines, no pressures. Hubs and I dug deep holes in the sand for the … [Read more...]

Autimism: Spring in Her Steps

Scroll down for our giveaway for iPad Mini, Nexus 7 tablet, gift cards and goodies. By Liz O' Keefe Some of the paths that we travel on this autism journey, indeed, many of them, can be tough. It is the little positive steps along the way that keep us going through the more difficult times. One of the paths we are walking at the moment with Melon is that of emotion recognition, It's an area where Melon has always had struggles, but has recently made some significant progress. She has begun to recognise and comment on our emotions - "Daddy … [Read more...]

Liz O’Keeffe, Mighty League Mom

Liz O’Keeffe, Cat on a Trampoline Birmingham, United Kingdom Blog Facebook MY DAUGHTER: There are some things I need you to know, some promises that I want to make: I will be a friend, I will be creative, I will challenge myself and the world around us. I will be patient, I will be strong, I will be a fighter. I will teach you to be all of these things too. I will take time to appreciate the little, wonderful important things in life, and I will let go of the things that aren't important. I will laugh, cry and celebrate with you. … [Read more...]