Children’s Books that Honor and Celebrate Diversity

Author Bo Rush loves sports and the only thing he wanted to read about when he was younger was SPORTS. Today, he’s a language arts teacher who knows about the importance of developing a passion for reading. He’s written a series of books to grow that passion in young readers by appealing to their love of sports. Are you looking for story themes that honor and celebrate diversity? Bo's book, Soccer Bugs, combines fast-paced soccer action with powerful social issues, including bullying, diversity, autism, divorce, memory loss and … [Read more...]

New Children’s Book that “Finds Its Way Home”

As a member of the Autistic Creatives Collective,* Colin Eldred-Cohen channels his creative and active mind towards writing and storytelling. He’ll tell you that he constantly has story ideas buzzing around his head, fiction and nonfiction. “They can spring up from anywhere, from media I consume to any random thing I see. Some of the story ideas get channeled into writings, some become plots for role playing games I play with my friends. I want to say that it’s a gift of the Asperger’s, but one never knows.” Colin has written his first … [Read more...]

‘Amy is Aumazing’ An Autistic Adventure

Paula Powers is  a new children’s picture book author and also a single, full-time working mom to a young son with autism. She's wanted to write children’s books since she was young and now was the time to make that dream come true. What will she claim as her greatest reward? Inspiring young readers and having them take away life lessons from her books. Her first release is the delightful Amy is Aumazing. Tell us about your book. Meet Amy, an almost 6 year old kindergartner who is gifted and talented and also is autistic. She tells the … [Read more...]

The ABCs of Recognizing and Expressing Feelings

Kathryn Lescroart Detzer is a pastel artist with a background in graphic design, book editing, illustration, and calligraphy. She originally designed and illustrated this little book in 1984 as a Christmas gift for her nieces and nephews. She thought the ABC format was fun and a good way to expand her nieces and nephew’s emotional vocabulary while teaching them the letters of the alphabet. She was working at a high school at the time and remembers asking kids to pose, "act happy or act disappointed," and so on. She did sketches capturing … [Read more...]

Autistic Author of “How to Be Human”

One sunny day in August I went to meet a new client and that is where I met an adorable four year old girl, Georgia, with a mop of hair and bright eyes that saw the world in black and white. She had been diagnosed with autism at age three and her parents wanted me to teach her how to play pretend. That began our long journey together through years of therapy and friendship. At some point, Georgia, herself, became motivated to change. Georgia decided that she wanted to work hard to overcome those parts of her autism that kept her separated from … [Read more...]

Writing The Mighty League Series: Putting “His Stories” to Paper

If you are a fan of old black and white movies, you’ll understand the reference, “Let’s put on a show!” It comes from the classic Mickey Rooney Andy Hardy series of movies where the answer to solving a problem was gathering his friends and putting on a show to save the day. And it always did. So when I said (to myself), “Let’s create a children’s storybook app,” my next thought was, “Who is going to write the manuscript?” My own common sense, confirmed by successful children’s writers and editors, told me that it begins and ends with the … [Read more...]