Children’s Books that Honor and Celebrate Diversity

Author Bo Rush loves sports and the only thing he wanted to read about when he was younger was SPORTS. Today, he’s a language arts teacher who knows about the importance of developing a passion for reading. He’s written a series of books to grow that passion in young readers by appealing to their love of sports. Are you looking for story themes that honor and celebrate diversity? Bo's book, Soccer Bugs, combines fast-paced soccer action with powerful social issues, including bullying, diversity, autism, divorce, memory loss and … [Read more...]

#ReadYourWorld – A Story about Autism and Friendship

It's it's essential that that children's literature embrace diversity. Children will learn understanding and acceptance when they can experience stories about other cultures, people, and traditions. They'll build self confidence when they see themselves represented as characters in stories they read. The Multicultural Children's Book Day, celebrated on January 27th, brings awareness to the importance diversity in children's literature. I was thrilled to join the team to call out the importance of having stories with autism themes … [Read more...]

Curious Interviews 2015: Authors, Autism, Inspirations, Oh My!

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. Maya Angelou In 2015, our curiosity took us to places beyond our imaginations. We discovered people of passion and compassion. We learned about ourselves and others through literature, personal stories, and from those who are doing good works. Here is a recap of the amazing interviews we published in 2015: [Tweet "Read @geekclubbooks 2015 curious interviews with authors, changemakers, entrepreneurs for … [Read more...]

Changing World Views Through Comic Books

In how many cartoons or comic books do we see a dog chase its life-long nemesis- the house cat? An adult dog and adult cat don’t make easy friendships. However, a puppy and kitten raised together from birth can grow-up together and behave as playful siblings. Biological and prejudicial instincts can be overturned by early intervention. I propose we have a chance to advocate for a better future for our children, and make a world where differences can be celebrated, not hidden or ridiculed. [Tweet "Let's make a world where differences can be … [Read more...]

Emma Lesko, an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s Literature

Emma Lesko is the author of the children’s chapter book series SUPER LEXI. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in children’s literature, and offers voice writing workshops to lower elementary students. She has several years of experience teaching English and Spanish to children of varied developmental abilities in the United States, Brazil and Spain. Additionally, Emma volunteers with nonprofit Kids for Peace, and is on the planning committee for The Great Kindness Challenge movement. So nice to meet you! Tell us about your … [Read more...]