3 Hopeful Outcomes of the Autism at Work Summit

There’s been something happening with many employers. It’s a slow but steady shift but it seems to be gaining momentum. Companies are moving from having a charitable mentality, “We need to hire people with autism out of the goodness of our hearts,” to “We need to hire autistic employees because it’s a good business decision.” Yes, autistic employees are positively impacting the bottom line and more companies are adopting this new mindset. Anka Wittenberg, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for SAP, stood at the platform to kick off the … [Read more...]

Yes She Can and Girl Power on the Autism Spectrum

Business: Yes She Can Inc. Mission: Women with Autism. We work. With you. Yes She Can Inc. helps young women with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) develop transferable job skills and gain greater independence through our intensive coaching program at Girl AGain boutique. What is Yes She Can Inc.? We are a 501c3 nonprofit founded in November, 2013, by Marjorie Madfis, a mother of a daughter with ASD, following her 30-year career in corporate marketing. Marjorie was a pioneer in digital and social media marketing at IBM from where … [Read more...]

Trailblazing a Positive Future for Autism Employment

Boaz and Minerva Santiago are the founders of Picasso Einstein, an educational consulting firm solely focused on self-employment for persons with disabilities. They are parents to two boys on the autism spectrum. Based on the work typically offered to persons with autism, they knew that traditional employment would be challenging and lack meaning for their sons. So, at the early age of 11 and 13, they have their boys explore, learn about, and begin to develop small business ideas that will serve as meaningful sources of employment. Picasso … [Read more...]

A Special Needs’ Parent Speaks Out for Flexible Job Opportunities!

Honorable Labor Secretary Perez and Prospective Employers… Do you want to know why you must employ me, according to my terms, with a livable salary? I invite you both to keep repeating Labor Secretary Perez’s recent words as you read my letter… We all succeed only when we all succeed. But my review of available data corroborates that we all have not succeeded. This is where you, my prospective employer, will play an important role guaranteeing we all succeed as Secretary Perez envisions it. As he continues, We can only make progress … [Read more...]

Creative Paths to Employment

It's pretty exciting around Geek Club Books Central these days. Lots of plans are finally coming together for us to get out and meet up with our beloved community and finally be face-to-face with friends we've never had a chance to meet in person. Jonathan and I are leaving for Washington DC where will hook up with the amazing Sharon and Conner Cummings! Sharon and I will be speaking on a panel on July 16th at The ARC of Northern Virginia on "Creative Paths to Employment," where we'll share how we are creating opportunities for our sons to … [Read more...]