Aspergers Syndrome and the ‘Can’t Love’ Myth

I don’t need flowers, candy, cards or a special day to know that I am loved, especially by my son with Aspergers Syndrome. There’s a myth that people with autism can’t show love. But they can. You just have to notice because it won’t be expressed in ways you might expect. It may be subtle but it’s there and it shines brightly when you pay close attention. During his high school years, my son was on a class trip. We were encouraged to send notes, letters, and cards of encouragement while the he was away. He must have been 14 or 15 at the … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Autistic Child Build Better Relationships

By Jennifer Palmiotto, Psy. D., LMFT Host of Love & Autism We are inundated with the need to plan for just about everything in our lives. Expectant mothers create elaborate birth plans. New parents begin planning for their child’s future by saving for college. We plan just about everything, from disaster to our daily schedule. And of course, we plan for our demise by creating a will and trusts that will protect our loved ones even in our passing. All of this planning is related to our strong desires to create happiness and to help our … [Read more...]

Autism Insider on “Love”

I love you.  Those famous three little words.  They mean something different to everyone. Most "typical" individuals view love as an emotion or feeling that is just present in them naturally.  A man loves his wife, a child loves her grandmother, or any number of combinations come to mind when thinking about love. Now I am not going to get all philosophical and deep about the topic of love. I will leave that discussion to the poets and romantics. I bring up the subject because many individuals on the autism spectrum have a unique way of … [Read more...]