Have You Listened to Dorktales?

Have you listened to one of our original, clever, kooky, whimsical, fun, hilarious Dorktales: Classic Fairy Tales with a Geekish Twist? Dorktales are written by Karen Simpson Gardiner who specializes in writing entertaining scripts for family entertainment...and performed by our very own witty raconteur Jonathan Murphy. We offer one free when you subscribe to our e-mail list.   … [Read more...]

Mr. Redge’s Hedgehog Central

Hiya! Mr. Redge here and this is my hedgehog central where I can share bits of news about...well, whatever suits my fancy. I'm in Geek Club Book's upcoming book app, The Mighty League, Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting. As JMan's trusty BFF sidekick, I join him on quite the adventure! You may be asking, why a hedgehog as a sidekick? Humph, I won't be too offended over such an inquiry. You see, the real JMan use to refer to himself as a hedgehog... “A hedgehog. That’s what I was. I read that someone once said that autism is like being a … [Read more...]