What Happens When You Can Show the World Your Talent?

James Sullivan is an extremely talented man on the autism spectrum. He has a degree in filmmaking and has his own YouTube channel. He writes, films, edits, performs, sings and talks about anything and everything in today's pop culture scene. He's interesting to talk to and fun to be around. I met James when he and his parents came to see a presentation I was giving in San Francisco. Like me, Susan Sullivan (James' mom) was starting a nonprofit business to employ people with autism. James produced a video for her new "PreLOVED Toys" … [Read more...]

I Wish the World Was a Comic Con

Bringing together pop-culture and technology, it was about time that Silicon Valley hosted a Comic Con event. If you don’t know what a Comic Con is, where have you been? It began in 1970 when 100 comics, movie and science fiction fans wanted to come together to celebrate what they loved with their like-minded peers. Today, it’s a massive cultural gathering in San Diego attracting over 125,000. It sells out within minutes. People come to see their favorite stars in sci-fi, comics and fantasy genres but more importantly, they come to BE the … [Read more...]

Making and Keeping Friendships

In this episode of 'Tud' Sense, Aspergian James Sullivan answers a question about making and keeping friendships. Here is a summary of his suggestions: Find someone you click with−that means not only do you have to like them but they have to like you too. Don't crowd your friends. Be careful about over-texting, over-Facebook posting, and over-bothering your friends. You don't want to be annoying. Only give your phone number to people you can trust. Find the right balance between keeping in touch and not-keeping in touch−It's okay if … [Read more...]

Finding Help for Anxiety and Sensory Issues

In the last episode of 'Tud' Sense, Aspergian James Sullivan talked about his struggles with anxiety. We received this comment from a loving and desperate mom who has a son suffering with anxiety and sensory issues: "I am mom of 25 year old high functioning, singularly due to above average IQ, young adult son who has suffered terribly with anxiety and sensory issues. He used drugs at 16, significant drugs, and has been in and out of detox and hospitals since. He must get access to help. He is currently incarcerated for stealing and I am … [Read more...]