Can Jewelry have an Autism Employment Purpose?

Business: Designs By Siri Mission: To create a meaningful life for our daughter Siri and others on the autism spectrum. What is Designs By Siri? Designs By Siri is a handcrafted jewelry business. Siri makes wine glass rings, bottle bracelets, lanyards, anklets, key chains, bracelets and necklace sets. Why did you feel that starting your own business was the answer? Starting a business gave us a chance to bring employment opportunities to our daughter. There is no such business that we know of that would be able to teach her how … [Read more...]

Melissa and Max
The Puzzling Piece

**Don't forget to go to the end of this article and enter to win The Puzzling Piece "Acceptance from a different Angle" necklace.** Melissa Winter is a vibrant, positive force of nature when it comes to her family and her autism advocacy. Her oldest son, Max, is autistic and she and her husband do whatever it takes to make sure he has what he needs to flourish—even if that included uprooting and moving from New Jersey to South Florida. "It means more time in the sun, on playgrounds and in the pool. And the more time that I could see Max … [Read more...]