Super Powers? Moms Beat Superheroes Every Time

  It may not seem like it, but we’ve come so far in being able to identify and diagnose someone on the autism spectrum. Even though Aspergers Syndrome was classified in 1944 by pediatrician Hans Asperger, no medical professional or therapist ever mentioned or discussed it as a possible explanation for my son’s developmental and social issues. I knew at two that something was amiss and even suspected that Jonathan was autistic but the professionals were adamant that he couldn’t be because he was high functioning. But we moms, KNOW … [Read more...]

My Grand Mis-Adventure

There are so many personal life metaphors for my 'grand mis-adventure' this weekend... On Saturday, I got up and went for a hike on one of the beautiful open space trails near my home. What a gorgeous day! And I was in the groove...walking at a vigorous pace, deep breathing, and looking at the clear blue skies when I stumbled over a mound one often encounters when walking on a dirt trail. My ankle buckled and I could feel the 'rip' before I could catch and correct myself. Oops. I'm in trouble. Yes, this is a serious sprain, I thought to … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day: Jodi Murphy

No flowers. No candy. No brunch. I’m not a fan of what I like to call the “Hallmark Card” days as they seem forced and insincere. But I do love being a mother and a wife. My family is essential to my well-being and I celebrate them every, single day. Some days are stand outs and a ‘dream’ mother’s day would start with a hike with my son, a chance to hear his latest thoughts and insights—I just adore his Asperger brain and point of view! Then we’d meet up with my husband and daughter for a homemade ‘American’ breakfast, meaning the full … [Read more...]