Who’ll Be at the Autism Society Convention?

By Jonathan Murphy (As told to Jodi Murphy for the upcoming Autism Society Convention) When you encounter me today, the man you see before you is a galaxy’s distance away from the boy I used to be. I was the kid in the corner pacing back and forth, the boy who wanted to go unnoticed and left to live inside my own mind’s palace. I wouldn’t look you in the eye. I just didn’t have the confidence to peer into your soul. The eyes are piercing gateways and it was just too difficult for me to ‘see’ you. So I’d have to look to your left or right in … [Read more...]

“Beanstalk” on Dorktales Storytime CD

Here's a preview of Beanstalk, our new Dorktales Storytime featuring Jonathan Murphy as every character! Meet Jack. Is he daft or the deal maker of the century when he sells his cow, Milky White, for beans? His mother thinks he's out of his mind until those beans lead to a bonanza...bags of gold, the goose that lays the golden eggs, and the golden harp! Find out how Jack fools the ogre over and over again so his mom can have a lovely cottage with all the modern conveniences...an outhouse, a smokehouse and an outdoor patio and … [Read more...]

Autimism: A Standing Ovation

Scroll down for our giveaway for iPad Mini, Nexus 7 tablet, gift cards and goodies. By Jodi Murphy All throughout elementary school my son, Jonathan, was an outlier. He wasn’t invited to birthday parties or included in many playdates. He was teased and was the target of some mean boys who picked up on his sensory issues and used them to taunt and bully him on the school playground. He struggled with school work especially when numbers were involved or lengthier reports were required. By the time he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, we … [Read more...]

The Weekend
“Wake Up Inertia!”

I never want to feel set in my ways. Locked into habits. Never growing. Never learning. Never changing. It's so easy for me to fall into the same old patterns and suddenly wake up in a rut. Feeling the stupor of inertia. "Just move a pinky," I tell myself. "Take one action...do one activity...that's outside the box you're in." My daughter Molly. My wellspring of creative inspiration. My beau ideal who dares to live her dream. I admire her fearless pursuits in spite of her fears. This weekend she traveled to Southern California to perform … [Read more...]

Secret of the Songshell
YA Sci Fi/ Fantasy on Audio

Several months ago I interviewed author Brian Tashima about his YA Sci Fi/Fantasy novel, Secret of the Songshell, book one of the Spectraland Saga. Well, there's exciting news in Spectraland and at Geek Club Books' HQ because Brian just released the audio version of Secret of the Songshell and guess who he hired to do the narration? OK, you guessed it...our very own Jonathan Murphy! Here's a synopsis of the plot: Neither Nerd nor Normal. Joel Suzuki gets a huge surprise when he bumps into his favorite rock star while walking … [Read more...]

Spooky Character Voices: Ice Monster

MEET: The Ice Monster He has released him from his tomb of ice...and he's hungry! … [Read more...]

Spooky Character Voices: Zombie

MEET: The Boiling Cauldron We want to help you get in the mood for a geektacular Halloween! Jonathan went into the recording booth to come up with this 'spooky' character voice for you. It's tough to be a Zombie! Besides being part of the unliving, they happen to be the WORST joke tellers.... Q: Where do you go to buy a Zombie? A: The MONstore. … [Read more...]

Spooky Character Voices: The Boiling Cauldron

MEET: The Boiling Cauldron We want to help you get in the mood for a geektacular Halloween! Jonathan went into the recording booth to come up with this 'spooky' character voice for you. Listen to the witch's kooky incantation... Eye of blue Tail of fish Wing of bat Mmmmm….tasty dish Rubble, rubble by the double Light it up And watch it bubble! Can you say it too? (Don't forget the witch's cackle :) ) … [Read more...]

Spooky Character Voices: Bouncy Beast of Horror

MEET: The Bouncy House of Horrors We want to help you get in the mood for a geektacular Halloween! Jonathan's sharing some of his favorite kooky (and spooky) character voices with you. Meet the Bouncy Beast of Horror (and its lawyer) he voiced for AndyZ's The Grand Scream of Things. But be quick or beware the slime wedgies... … [Read more...]

Extra! Extra!
Newsletter Coming Friday, August 9

Our next Geek Club Books Newsletter will zip-zoom to our subscribers on Friday, August 9th. We're really excited about it because this is what our subscribers are going to get: Two free custom ringtones voiced by Jonathan Murphy! A Random Fandom Giveaway that's tea-licious and geektastic :) Code drops from Blackfish Children's Books, our awesome App developer. Special announcements and updates. Don't miss out on all this good stuff. Make sure you are signed up on our mailing list. Fill out any of our forms--there's one here, on … [Read more...]