Review: Weight of Grace Weighted Blankets

REVIEW BY MIGHTY LEAGUE MOM: Julie Farkas Brusio Weight of Grace Blankets are custom made weighted blankets for both boys and girls. The blankets come in any pattern, color scheme, and material of choice. Also, you can have your child’s name woven on the blanket if you so desire. Various materials, colors, and patterns to choose Designed to support your child’s specific height and weight Ability to personalize the blanket for your child Provides sensory input The turn-around time is extremely long and … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day: Julie Brusio

Dream Mother’s Day: It happens every year, actually.  I get real honest-to-goodness “me” time.  I get a pedicure and massage.  This year I added in a bonus facial to the mix. My family all pitches in when I’m sick in bed.  My hubs does the job of both of us, which is no small feat at all.  I get hugs, kisses, and “I love yous” all the time.  Every now and then I get flowers too! The song that reminds me of being a mom is 'You’ve Got a Friend in Me' from Toy Story.  Both of my kids loved this movie and Toy Story 3 has a special place … [Read more...]

Autimism: From Can’t to Can

Scroll down for our giveaway for iPad Mini, Nexus 7 tablet, gift cards and goodies. By Julie Brusio I always knew there was something different about Debbie.  She began Special Education services through our county's Infants and Toddlers program when she was 2 years old.  However, she was not formally diagnosed with Autism until she was 5.  Now, I could tell you that I was ready to conquer the Autism world from the beginning.  I could tell you that I was ready to be the Autism Warrior Mom that Debbie needed.  But, I was not.  Even though I … [Read more...]

Julie Farkas Brusio, Mighty League Mom

Julie Farkas Brusio, Ketchup with a Side of Autism Maryland, USA Facebook TO MY DAUGHTER: YOU are an important person. YOU have a voice. YOU have opinions. Stand by your convictions and stay true to the beautiful person you are. Listen wisely to the guiding light inside of you. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. LOVE. LAUGH. I will be here for you in case you fall but I believe that no matter how difficult life is or will be, you will always rise above and succeed. Be the best you that you can be. Anything is … [Read more...]

The Mighty League Squad: Meet Debbie-Doo!

Julie from Ketchup with a Side of Autism is very proud of her daughter Debbie. To her family, Debbie is a super princess and we agree! Debbie is really super special. She loves Monsters, Inc., Cars, playing the piano, and her secret potion... Ketchup is her condiment of choice when it comes to eating and she puts it on EVERYTHING! We proclaim Debbie-Doo! a member of The Squad. Keep up the good work, Debbie...your top secret certificate and Geek Club Books' bag are on their way. Nominate your kiddos for "The Squad" by posting photos in … [Read more...]

Joey Turns Imagination into Art

Meet Joey.  His mom is Julie, the supermom who shares her chaotic journey through autism on her community Facebook site at Ketchup with a side of autism. Joey is the supportive big brother to his sister Debbie. And at only 12 years old, Joey is quite the creative guy! And boy, do we love creative types here at Geek Club Books, so we decided to find out more about Joey and present a gallery showing of his art. Joey, how long have you been drawing and making videos? I've been drawing since I was about 4 years old.  It's hard to remember … [Read more...]