The Impact of Sensory Processing Disorder

Our guest contributor, children's author Lori DeMonia, shares the impact of sensory processing disorder in a children's book inspired by her own family's experiences. Sensory Processing Disorder makes life challenging. It also changes the way a family functions in their day-to-day life.  Much planning and thought goes into everything.  Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, using the vacuum cleaner, or choosing the right time to empty the dishwasher, what many would consider simple decisions, aren’t so simple.  Taking our daughter with … [Read more...]

The Gift of ‘Leah’s Voice’

Communication comes in many forms and for the DeMonia family it's art. You see, the oldest daughter, Leah, is autistic and she expresses her emotions, her heart and her love through her art. And her parents and younger sister are doing everything in their power to make sure Leah has every opportunity to shine using her own artistic talents. Sarah is a compassionate advocate and 'voice' for her older sister and never hesitates to make people aware of autism and share the gift of Leah. Their special relationship inspired their mother, Lori … [Read more...]