Staying Calm with a Calming Cushion

Product Review by Megan Amodeo Meltdowns can be challenging. It is often difficult to know what to do to calm children when they are overwhelmed and inconsolable. I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Bionix Calming Cushion. This device was designed to give children on the autism spectrum a way to calm their emotions during or shortly after a meltdown. The unit consists of a large rectangular cushion filled with beads (similar to a bean bag chair) and an air compressor. The cushion is about five feet in length and is a … [Read more...]

My Unenchanted Evening was a No Meltdown Triumph!

By Rochelle Johnson The needs of our children don't let up. No matter where we are at emotionally, physically or whatever. One of my girls needed a lift to her weekly small group she attends so I gathered up my energy and motivation and headed out the door even though I was tired and a bit fragile. It was an unexpected disruption to my inner plan for the evening and the rest of the day. Trigger point one had been breached - Change of routine in unexpected ways. This was particularly pertinent, I had already dealt with a few of these … [Read more...]

How I Handle My Daughters’ Spine-Tingling Meltdowns

Let's talk about meltdowns. Big ones, little ones, scary spine tingling meltdowns. In my past life, before I had my own children with unique needs, I was a special education teacher. You might think that choosing this particular profession was a happy accident. After all, several years teaching, my husband and I started our own family. We are the happy and proud parents of three beautiful daughters, two of which are on the autism spectrum. Our middle daughter has boundless energy, the result of ADHD. You would think that I would be the most … [Read more...]

Can You Have a Meltdown Free Summer?

Forget the day camps, swim lessons and sporting activities. In this essay, autistic mom Megan Amodeo shares what she's learned to help her autistic daughters have a meltdown free summer. Ahhh, Summertime! Everyone looks forward to longer days, no school, picnics and all the other wonders brought about by the glorious months of June, July and August. We all love the freedom and carefree days of the best season of the year. Yes summer is, without a doubt, wonderful. I have three daughters who rejoice each year when that last bell rings … [Read more...]