Homeschooling My Peg

A little boy's giggle ripples through the house and I smile. At one time my son never laughed and rarely smiled. My son's confidence has come back in abundance since I withdrew him from school and began to home educate him, he was a stammering nervous little boy then. When he first started mainstream reception I was concerned he would not be watched closely and asked for what was then a statement of special needs. He was refused despite having at that time three diagnoses, autism, Expressive Language Disorder and Dyspraxia. Despite my … [Read more...]

Having a Meltdown? Use the Emergency Chat App for Help

Jeroen De Busser is a 21 year old autistic Software Engineering M.Sc. student from Antwerp, Belgium. He is prone to sensory overload where he loses the ability to form and sometimes, even understand speech. When he couldn't find a way to effectively communicate and get help during a meltdown episode, he used his software talent to create an app for it! Now it's free in the app store for everyone. What inspired you to develop the Emergency Chat app? In December last year, I had one of the worst meltdowns of my life. It was the first time ever … [Read more...]

How to Help with Meltdowns and Stimming Needs

By Emma Dalmayne, Aspierations and Information After my son was diagnosed with autism then subsequently myself I decided to do this piece for those who's child may be diagnosed with autism or you may only have the suspicion that they are on the spectrum. Apart from concerns about your child's communication and social skills, they may also display self stimulating behaviours and melt downs. These behaviours may display as pacing, rocking, jumping and spinning. They may have oral stims they use to regulate themselves from humming, singing, … [Read more...]