Did I Fail as a Parent with My ‘Other’ Child?

An Interview with My Grown Up Neurotypical Daughter Editor's Note: An excerpt of this interview was published on The Mighty. Here is the full interview with my daughter, Molly. What I hope you take away from this is that you, dear parent, are doing the best you can. If you come from a place of love−and I know that you are−your children with and without special needs are going to become the amazing adults you dream of them becoming! I wish there was a manual with the exact formula for being an awesome parent. No, I wish that there was a … [Read more...]

The Weekend
“Wake Up Inertia!”

I never want to feel set in my ways. Locked into habits. Never growing. Never learning. Never changing. It's so easy for me to fall into the same old patterns and suddenly wake up in a rut. Feeling the stupor of inertia. "Just move a pinky," I tell myself. "Take one action...do one activity...that's outside the box you're in." My daughter Molly. My wellspring of creative inspiration. My beau ideal who dares to live her dream. I admire her fearless pursuits in spite of her fears. This weekend she traveled to Southern California to perform … [Read more...]

Mighty League Character Gallery

JMan The adorkable JMan views his world in a unique and imaginative way...he's the 10 year old superhero who stops bullies and makes the playground a peaceful place. He is the leader of the Mighty League and capes and crime fighting are his game! He has Aspergers Syndrome...and also green eyes, blonde hair, and a fascination with knowing everything he can about frogs and snakes. Jaycee Jaycee is the female alter ego to JMan. It's funny because she views her world in a unique and imaginative way too! Choose her as your Mighty League hero and … [Read more...]

Molly Murphy
Musician, Playwright, Actor

Super little sister to JMan, Molly lives and breathes creativity. She's currently in the studio recording her original "Leviathan" with her band Dream House and working on her solo project, "A Million Creatures." Oh, and she is responsible for our first manuscript for our Mighty League Series. SUPER-HERO ALTER EGO: The Tap Dance Kid THEME SONG: “Lost in My Mind” by The Head and the Heart (For now. It’s constantly changing) BOOK YOU COULDN'T PUT DOWN 'TIL YOU FINISHED IT: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk MOVIE YOU COULD WATCH OVER … [Read more...]

The Mighty League Squad: Meet Molly McFierce

Meet The Squad. Villains and Heroes...The yin/yang of a good story. When the real JMan was younger, he invented all sorts of costumes and crazy cool getups. His younger sister, Molly, adored her big bro and copied his every move. Here she dons her apron cape to transform into "Molly McFierce," a pint-sized protector (there's magic in those Minnies!) and fierce defender of the defenseless. She's always had her aspie brother's back...and always will. Do you have a photo of your kids or yourself (little or all grown up) in a hero or bad guy … [Read more...]

Writing The Mighty League Series: Putting “His Stories” to Paper

If you are a fan of old black and white movies, you’ll understand the reference, “Let’s put on a show!” It comes from the classic Mickey Rooney Andy Hardy series of movies where the answer to solving a problem was gathering his friends and putting on a show to save the day. And it always did. So when I said (to myself), “Let’s create a children’s storybook app,” my next thought was, “Who is going to write the manuscript?” My own common sense, confirmed by successful children’s writers and editors, told me that it begins and ends with the … [Read more...]