Classic Children’s Stories: Twist or Straight Up?

Actress and comedienne, Kathy Kinney is is the storytelling, children’s literacy advocate, Mrs. P. (READ MY INTERVIEW WITH HER HERE). Last week on the "Mrs. P's Reading is Cool Blog" she shares how Classic children's stories and fairy tales are stories that have proven the test of time and endured generations of retellings. She then goes on to talk about how Geek Club Books' Dorktales are bringing a geekish twist to the classics. For fun, she gives us a choice between her classic retellings and Jonathan and Mr. Redge's goofier versions! (READ … [Read more...]

Kathy Kinney
Mrs. P and her Magical On-line Library

Actress and comedienne, Kathy Kinney, has been on television since the late 1980's playing a variety of fun characters including the recurring 'Miss Goddard', the town librarian, on Newhart and the irascible (but lovable) 'Mimi' on the Drew Carey Show. But one of her most important roles is the storytelling, children's literacy advocate, 'Mrs. P.' I was curious to find out more... Kathy, we’re inspired by you and your ‘magical on-line library’ called Mrs. P. It is inspiring young people to read…so, what inspired you to create it? We (my … [Read more...]