Update on Our Horrible Hug, an Autism App for Children

We're one step closer to the final production and release of our Mighty League, Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug, an autism app for children. In our last update, we shared our autism storyboard, the process our illustrator uses to sketch out the story. Since then, he's finished the illustrations and we couldn't be more excited! They are colorful, whimsical and fun. We are positive that this new autism app, based on a true story, is going to delight and captivate the hearts and minds of children (and their parents and teachers) while we educate them … [Read more...]

The Great Illustrator Project

Tom Anderson and his brother Bill Anderson are the techies who are building our Mighty League series book apps. I chose them because of their video game industry background and the crazy cool book app platform with reader customizable features. (And they're super nice guys, too.) They just launched a Kickstarter campaign so they can bring the power of their platform to anyone who wants to create their own digital stories. According to Tom, The Blackfish Story Creator is an awesome app, and is easy to use. It is built on the most powerful … [Read more...]