Children’s Author Melissa Northway
“What’s Your Deepest Wish?”

Melissa Northway is an award-winning author of three children's books, two of which are also storybook apps on iTunes. She's also the founder and editor of Dandelion Moms, an inspirational lifestyle site to support women as they follow their dreams and provide expert tips on parenting, recipes, beauty, and fashion. She's mom to a little redhead who is the inspiration behind everything she does, including Project Kindness where she showcases individuals, corporations and non-profits who spread seeds of kindness in our communities and world. … [Read more...]

Facebook Party, Autism Awareness, Giveaway Goodies Galore!

On April 17, 4:59 PM PST, put on your party shoes and dance on over to DANDELION MOMS and PENELOPE'S FACEBOOK PARTY PAGE for Autism Awareness and a celebration for GEEK CLUB BOOKS!! If you've never been to a Dandelion Moms & Penelope party, you've just got to come and check it out. From 5:00 to 7:00 PM PST, our hosts deejay us through code drops, theme trivia, fun facts, and more. And the best part of this upcoming geeky soiree? There are giveaway goodies galore! Take a sneak peek: Code Drops Blackfish Children's Book … [Read more...]