Raising Awareness through “The Gift of Autism”

Diego Raf Diaz has a dream. He wants to use his talent as an animator to tell the real stories of autistic people. He's calling it, "The Gift of Autism." Diego was diagnosed with autism at an early age. He says that watching videos had a huge impact on him, especially Pinocchio and the Land Before Time. The characters were his friends. It was his love for these shows and his talent for drawing that turned his attention towards creating animations. Now he wants to use his creativity and passion to make a difference in the world for those with … [Read more...]

My Inner Strength and Willpower Will Get Me Through!

By Sean Sullivan I have autism, and I am very proud of this fact. I think of my autism as a gift and super power! My autism has helped me understand others feelings. For example, since I am autistic I know what the pain of being bullied is. For the most part people who have disabilities are treated like freaks by others...and for immature, belligerent, and oppressive reasons such as feeling superior or for entertainment. The kind of disability you have will likely determine what people say to you and what actions people take towards … [Read more...]

Who’ll Be at the Autism Society Convention?

By Jonathan Murphy (As told to Jodi Murphy for the upcoming Autism Society Convention) When you encounter me today, the man you see before you is a galaxy’s distance away from the boy I used to be. I was the kid in the corner pacing back and forth, the boy who wanted to go unnoticed and left to live inside my own mind’s palace. I wouldn’t look you in the eye. I just didn’t have the confidence to peer into your soul. The eyes are piercing gateways and it was just too difficult for me to ‘see’ you. So I’d have to look to your left or right in … [Read more...]

A Mighty Mission to Educate and Empower!

Find out the inspiration behind an organization that aims to educate and empower. BY Ingrid Simone, Toca Boca Executive Editor Article originally published in Toca Boca Magazine When Jodi Murphy’s son, Jonathan, was 9, he would pace in the corner, have one-way conversations and avoid eye contact. Now, at age 29, Jodi says, “he’s a guy who can command the stage, make you laugh, entertain and engage you with a twinkle in his eye.” It hasn’t been an easy road. Jonathan has Asperger syndrome. Jodi’s years of advocating for and supporting … [Read more...]