Virtual Tea and Tales

I'm quite fond of tea (Earl Grey please), storytelling, and moms who are creativepreneurs, so when I discovered Storybramble, I just had to reach out to Stephanie Arsoska in Scottland and find out more. Here is our friendly little e-chat over a cuppa. A virtual café that entertains children with original audio stories and poems...tell me more! Storybramble is a website that offers free audio stories and poems for children with follow on creative activities. There is also a blog where I write about encouraging storytelling in children and … [Read more...]

Mike Brindley
Poet, Actor, Tap Dancer

SUPER-HERO ALTER EGO: Tony Stark, Iron Man THEME SONG: The theme from Gilligan's Island BOOK YOU COULDN'T PUT DOWN 'TIL YOU FINISHED IT: Robert Frost Poetry MOVIE YOU COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER: Ever After…really, Drew Barrymore COULD SPEND 24/7: Tap Dancing LUCKY CHARM: Down Syndrome FAVORITE STAR TREK CAPTAIN: Jean Luc Picard CARTOON CHARACTER YOU'D WANT TO SPEND THE AFTERNOON WITH? Miss Piggy HIDDEN GEEKISH PLEASURE: Computer stuff SNACK CRAVING: Chips and salsa FANTASY OR SCI FI? Fantasy…Iron Man Read one of … [Read more...]

Everyone Matters Campaign:
The Trucker Poet

Not too long ago, I was making the trek from the San Francisco Bay Area to Orange County. It's a journey I take at least twice a year to visit my family, and this time I was navigating it solo. Those familiar with the roads know it's usually crowded with travelers, many in campers, and huge semi-trucks hauling their loads from Northern California to Southern California, and back again. I'm so use to it that I'm almost on auto-pilot. But this day was different. The day, though in the middle of January, was crisp and sunny. The roads were … [Read more...]