Staying Calm with a Calming Cushion

Product Review by Megan Amodeo Meltdowns can be challenging. It is often difficult to know what to do to calm children when they are overwhelmed and inconsolable. I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Bionix Calming Cushion. This device was designed to give children on the autism spectrum a way to calm their emotions during or shortly after a meltdown. The unit consists of a large rectangular cushion filled with beads (similar to a bean bag chair) and an air compressor. The cushion is about five feet in length and is a … [Read more...]

Do Chewable Necklaces Help with Oral Sensory Input?

A SentioCHEWS Chewable Necklaces Product Review By Elizabeth O'Keeffe One big feature of life for many children on the autism spectrum, such as my six year old daughter Melon, is the need to gain oral sensory input through chewing. Chewing can help children with autism and/or sensory issues manage their anxiety and boredom and to better engage with the world around them. Chewing can cause problems though - damage to clothing, furniture, toys and school equipment has a financial cost, it can draw negative attention to the child in public … [Read more...]

Review: Weight of Grace Weighted Blankets

REVIEW BY MIGHTY LEAGUE MOM: Julie Farkas Brusio Weight of Grace Blankets are custom made weighted blankets for both boys and girls. The blankets come in any pattern, color scheme, and material of choice. Also, you can have your child’s name woven on the blanket if you so desire. Various materials, colors, and patterns to choose Designed to support your child’s specific height and weight Ability to personalize the blanket for your child Provides sensory input The turn-around time is extremely long and … [Read more...]