Experience the Comfort and Joy of Sensory Habits

I've many times given advice on sensory seeking behaviours in autistic children, how to aid them and why they may occur. While explaining that a child spinning for example, is seeking to feed their vestibular sense or that a child stamping their feet is gaining proprioceptive feedback from the pressure of their soles bouncing on the floor, I've never described how it feels. Tactile I'm going to attempt to describe how, from my perspective it feels to run my fingers through soft fleecy material and the emotions I feel when I do: It's … [Read more...]

#ImpactfulBlogs: And Next Comes L

Dyan (pronounced "Diane") Robson is a stay-at-home-mom and piano teacher who married her childhood sweetheart. She has two sons, one with autism, hyperlexia and hypernumeracy. Dyan started her blog in 2013 at the request of friends and family to share the activities she does with her boys. Since then, her blog has expanded to cover a variety of topics, coming from her own curious interests and her family's life. She also helps others learn the ins and outs of blogging. She has the perfect blog to kick off our new series, #Impactful Blogs. I … [Read more...]