Staying Calm with a Calming Cushion

Product Review by Megan Amodeo Meltdowns can be challenging. It is often difficult to know what to do to calm children when they are overwhelmed and inconsolable. I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Bionix Calming Cushion. This device was designed to give children on the autism spectrum a way to calm their emotions during or shortly after a meltdown. The unit consists of a large rectangular cushion filled with beads (similar to a bean bag chair) and an air compressor. The cushion is about five feet in length and is a … [Read more...]

Haley Daniels Mompreneur
Daisha Design for Sensory Products

Haley Daniels created Daisha Design as an online shop for parents, teachers, and specialists to buy sensory products for children . She began by offering her own handmade weighted blankets and customizing them for her customers--letting them choose their weight, fabric, and size of their blankets. And she's expanded her online shop to also include a range of sensory toys. Always excited for and curious about mompreneurs, I asked Haley to answer a few questions about her Daisha Design Shop: When and why did you start Daisha Design? I … [Read more...]