4 Ways to Differentiate in a Special Ed Classroom

By Trisha Katkin As teachers, we are always told, “every child is unique,” and “each one is different.” And I believe that this is true. HOWEVER… When you are trying to handle a busy class with students that are all on different wavelengths, it can be mind-boggling to figure out how to accommodate everyone. It gets tricky when you have students of various abilities, strengths and weaknesses. So, what can you do? Differentiate! Differentiation is the process by which one accommodates students and their various needs. It’s what … [Read more...]

What is the Impact of “Old School” Thinking?

It’s been 21 years since my son was in 5th grade, but the memory of what his science teacher did to him is still fresh in my mind. While he was at his first elementary school, we didn’t know he was on the autism spectrum. What we did know was that he had some learning disabilities which made it difficult for him to function in a traditional classroom without extra support. “Old School” Thinking My son loved to learn! But he struggled at a traditional school with teachers who practiced “old school” teaching methods. In 5th grade, more written … [Read more...]

What Your Autistic Students Want You to Know

What are your autistic students experiencing? What might they be thinking? How might they be feeling? I can’t tell you what your autistic students want to know because I’m not autistic. Seeking the advice of autistic adults can truly help us understand what we should know and how we as parents and educators can help. I can’t think of two better people to turn to than Lydia Wayman and Megan Amodeo. Lydia is an autistic writer, speaker, and advocate. She has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in English and … [Read more...]