Autism and Visual Perception

Have you ever wondered why your child squints to look at things? Or tilts her head to an angle to look at something? If a visit to the optician has ruled out any visual problems then it is more likely to do with the way they are processing the information being taken through the eyes and transmitted to the brain. My daughter always has had a problem with things moving past her rapidly. In her pram she would squint and cry out, so much so that I got her little sunglasses. They gave her great relief and she wore them for car journeys too. … [Read more...]

How to Help with Meltdowns and Stimming Needs

By Emma Dalmayne, Aspierations and Information After my son was diagnosed with autism then subsequently myself I decided to do this piece for those who's child may be diagnosed with autism or you may only have the suspicion that they are on the spectrum. Apart from concerns about your child's communication and social skills, they may also display self stimulating behaviours and melt downs. These behaviours may display as pacing, rocking, jumping and spinning. They may have oral stims they use to regulate themselves from humming, singing, … [Read more...]