What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One?

"What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One?" Edition 2 is FREE March 15-19 on Kindle. See how 45 Writers Published their Books as Book Apps... Many people ask me what it means to publish a book as an app. When I made the decision to turn my son's life adventures growing up on the spectrum as a series of children's stories, I chose storybook app over printed book. For me it was an easy decision because it allowed Jonathan the opportunity to use his talents as a voice actor to do the narration. That adds an authenticity and heart that is … [Read more...]

Mighty League App Audio Preview

Things are going swimmingly here at Geek Club Books as we enter the final stages of our storybook app's release! Just a few more techie touches and it looks as though we'll have a sizzling end of summer...stay TOONed. In the meantime, we'd like to have a little fun in the sun by sharing an audio preview of a few of our Mighty League cast of characters: JMan Jaycee Mr. Redge Dr. E(vil) Touch Have you met all the characters in the Mighty League? Have you heard the Geek Club Books Theme Song? … [Read more...]

Writing The Mighty League Series: Putting “His Stories” to Paper

If you are a fan of old black and white movies, you’ll understand the reference, “Let’s put on a show!” It comes from the classic Mickey Rooney Andy Hardy series of movies where the answer to solving a problem was gathering his friends and putting on a show to save the day. And it always did. So when I said (to myself), “Let’s create a children’s storybook app,” my next thought was, “Who is going to write the manuscript?” My own common sense, confirmed by successful children’s writers and editors, told me that it begins and ends with the … [Read more...]

Mr. Redge’s Hedgehog Central

Hiya! Mr. Redge here and this is my hedgehog central where I can share bits of news about...well, whatever suits my fancy. I'm in Geek Club Book's upcoming book app, The Mighty League, Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting. As JMan's trusty BFF sidekick, I join him on quite the adventure! You may be asking, why a hedgehog as a sidekick? Humph, I won't be too offended over such an inquiry. You see, the real JMan use to refer to himself as a hedgehog... “A hedgehog. That’s what I was. I read that someone once said that autism is like being a … [Read more...]