4 Ways to Differentiate in a Special Ed Classroom

By Trisha Katkin As teachers, we are always told, “every child is unique,” and “each one is different.” And I believe that this is true. HOWEVER… When you are trying to handle a busy class with students that are all on different wavelengths, it can be mind-boggling to figure out how to accommodate everyone. It gets tricky when you have students of various abilities, strengths and weaknesses. So, what can you do? Differentiate! Differentiation is the process by which one accommodates students and their various needs. It’s what … [Read more...]

Angels and Demons: The Garden Hose Concern

Angels and demons are out there. And in this context, I don't mean that in a spiritual sense. Angels are the people in our lives who have supported, rescued, stepped in, reached out, and caused miracles to happen for our children. And most have no idea of the impact they've made. Even their small acts of kindness have a magical, transformative powers. Demons are those who have no clue (or do they?) of the damage that their words or actions cause. They are insensitive and careless about what they say and how they interact with others. And … [Read more...]