Computer Clinic and Learning Academy – One Mom’s Quest for Autistic Employment

Editor’s Note: Paula Powers is a single mom raising a young autistic son. Our family’s story about starting Geek Club Books inspired her to want to start her own company to employ autistic adults. She wants to part of the movement to empower through meaningful autism employment! Starting a company is no small undertaking. There are highs and lows, milestones reached and setbacks too—it takes patience, persistence and determination to make it happen. Since Paula is starting at ground zero, we asked her to chronicle her journey as we can all … [Read more...]

TechPower Chronicles: And So I Begin

Hello.  This is my first post. Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Paula Powers and I am a single full-time working mom to a 4 1/2 year old son that is on the autism spectrum. I am an avid member of MyAutismTeam and do a lot of independent internet research concerning autism. I've come to learn over the past several weeks that young adults on the spectrum that are coming out of high school or college programs are having trouble finding work or are working for extremely low wages.  I know when my son grows up and is ready to … [Read more...]