Live Show! Dorktales Storytime

Introducing Dorktales Storytime by Geek Club Books: Classic fairy tales with a geekish twist. Original scripts created exclusively for Geek Club Books by Karen Simpson Gardiner, are performed live by Jonathan Murphy. Professional voice actor and children's performer, Jonathan's character voices are heard throughout California's Great America Theme Park, on toys, video games, audio books, and apps. In Dorktales, Jonathan is joined by his plucky puppet sidekick, Mr. Reginald T. Hedgehog (or Mr. Redge if you prefer) to tell goofier versions of … [Read more...]

Have You Listened to Dorktales?

Have you listened to one of our original, clever, kooky, whimsical, fun, hilarious Dorktales: Classic Fairy Tales with a Geekish Twist? Dorktales are written by Karen Simpson Gardiner who specializes in writing entertaining scripts for family entertainment...and performed by our very own witty raconteur Jonathan Murphy. We offer oneĀ free when you subscribe to our e-mail list.   … [Read more...]