Peregrin’s Brick House

If Peregrin, the dorky hero in Dorktales: The Three Little...Hogs?!, was real and had a real home, we think that this would be it! Stylish, practical, and a bit of greenery... Click to play the song to get you in the "brick house" spirit! Then read this scene and let us know if you agree that this is Peregrin's place. JONATHAN:  Well the last little, erm, hedgehog was VERY smart.  He was so smart that you could barely understand what he was saying when he was talking!  And he kept walking until he met a man that was selling…can anyone … [Read more...]

In the Recording Studio

QUIET PLEASE! Jonathan and our audio engineer, Michael Meyer, are in the studio taping The Three Little...Hogs?, our first Dorktales adventure in classic storytelling with a geekish twist. "This is a new experience for me," says Jonathan Murphy. "We're recording an entire script and I have to switch back and forth into seven different characters. We could record each character separately and Michael edit them together, but we decided to do it this way because we want it to have that storyteller feel." Jonathan and Mr. Redge are the … [Read more...]