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Jonathan-and-Jodi_geek-club-booksLet me introduce myself. I’m Jodi Murphy, a compassionate community leader and the founder of Geek Club Books autism nonprofit. We tell the stories of autism to ignite hearts and open minds so your children are given every opportunity in this world to shine.

I am also the proud mom of an adult son with Aspergers Syndrome. We view our family’s ‘life on the spectrum’ with a positive outlook and a sense of humor. My son is our family hero and role model for perseverance! We share our stories with you and invite you to share yours with us.

childrens-autism-stories-author_Geek-Club-BooksWe’ll connect you to a supportive online community of people just like you! I hope that you’ll find Geek Club Books a source of inspiration and useful information.

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration and Hope

There are so many great sources for you on Geek Club Books when you need that extra dose comfort and support. Here are a few of our most popular sources:

  • Autimisms: Autism Hope Quotes—our little e-book of optimism from women who work with, support and love someone on the autism spectrum.
  • Our Blog: We publish articles two-times per week, typically Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our contributors include autistic writers under the Penfriend Project. We feature interviews with authors, children’s authors, app developers, thought leaders and companies who have something of value to offer the autism community.
  • Community Newsletter: sign up on our e-mail list for access to our exclusive Autism Bundle including a resource guide, apps, e-books, and educational toolkits.

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Connect and Engage with Other Families

We have a very active autism community on Facebook and I invite you to LIKE our page and join us in the conversations. I personally look to you and the rest of the community to help spread empathy and understanding for autism. Here’s an example of how we all work together to get positive messages out to the world:

Empower Your Children and Teach their Peers

We create children’s stories to entertain while educating children about autism. For the first time, children on the autism spectrum can read stories about characters just like them. Many parents have used our stories as a way to start talking about autism within their own families. It gives siblings a chance to understand and ask questions.

Autism Education: Mighty League, The Terrible Taunting Autism Education: The Horrible Hug
Bring the Topics of Autism Into Your Child’s Classroom

autism-edu-iconWhat’s even better is that our stories are being used in classrooms to teach students about autism. we created Autism EDU – a collection of free educational tools to bring the topics of autism into classrooms for tolerance and understanding. They’ve been developed in collaboration with autistic individuals, special educators, a common core curriculum specialist and clinical partners. A former Disney Films illustrator worked with us too!

Be Your Child’s Most Powerful Advocate!

Use these tools to spread your awareness and acceptance message…do it in your child’s classroom, school, community center, church gathering…anywhere you feel the need to educate others in your community to open the doors of opportunity for your child and others on the spectrum. Hollywood’s most notable autism advocate, Holly Robinson Peete, said in an interview with Geek Club Books,

I urge any of you who have any kind of platform to spread awareness about autism or special needs and how valuable our children are…do it so there’s always hope for them.

You can do this! Working together we can end the stigma of autism to create brighter futures for our children.

Share Autism with the Mainstream

Autism Information StationCurrently, no one is doing a form of autism education that’s a part of pop culture…so we are! You can bring the topics of autism to the mainstream using our Bluebee TeeVee to increase understanding and significantly reduce bullying. In partnership with Bluebee Pals and QSAC, Bluebee TeeVee is a webisode series, an entertaining autism information station. What’s so great about them is that they are written, filmed, performed and edited by two autistic adults. They are fun and creative while clinically correct and educational.

Here are some direct links for more details:

Tell Your Story

You have the power to change how the world views autism by sharing your personal experiences. Let us help you share your story:

Geek-Club-Books-Inspiration_ParentsWould You Like to Know More About Our Family and Nonprofit?

There’s so much more on our website, so please explore and enjoy. And remember, you are not alone!

Jodi Murphy Founder Geek Club Books autism nonprofit

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