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You were directed to this page because our non-profit has closed effective December 2021. The letter from our founder below will provide you with more details. Our autism resources are still available for download. Scroll down to find access to comics, classroom tools, past Zoom Autism Magazine issues and more.

When I began this journey 10 years ago, I wondered, “Where are the autistic voices?” Too few were given opportunities to express their views, so I knew I had to do something to help autistic voices rise to the top. I founded Geek Club Books, autism storytelling nonprofit, to bring autistic individuals opportunities to share their life experiences, tell their personal stories and get paid for their creative work.

I am so proud of what our Autistic team of creators accomplished—comics, school assemblies, acceptance campaigns, school guides, author interviews, Zoom Autism Magazine, and hundreds of personal articles and essays. Their work has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. And our content has been used in schools, seen at conferences and Comic Cons, and, read by parents, educators, and the newly-diagnosed.

You can access our most popular resources here:

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Autism Resources

Download our most popular content and use it to educate yourself, a loved one, your students or anyone in your community for better understanding of autism from the autistic perspective.

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Zoom Autism Magazine

Zoom Autism Magazine is in the process of being reimagined by its Managing Editors, Conner and Sharon Cummings. While their work is in progress, enjoy access to all back issues in PDF format.

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Today, there are so many amazing #ActuallyAutistic advocates and creatives who are out on their own platforms, social media, writing books, giving speeches, doing workshops and sharing their authentic selves with the world! It’s time for me to close Geek Club Books and pass the storytelling advocacy torch to all of them.

If you want to understand autism, continue to seek out autistic voices!

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Jodi Murphy, Founder
Geek Club Books Autism NPO

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