I want to sponsor and empower an autistic writer

How important is the Penfriend Project? 

"For many years my parents and teachers thought  I didn't really understand the complexities of empathy, relationships and social interactions. Through my writing I'm able to show that I understand every bit of it. Since my experiences can help others and writing is the way I communicate best, putting those two things together is just natural. Your sponsorship of the Penfriend Project through Geek Club Books sends the message that  our voices matter."

Lydia Wayman

Columnist and Author, Autistic Speaks

"Writing for Geek Club Books every month has given me a voice and an opportunity to express my unique views of the world as an autistic individual."

Megan Amodeo

Columnist , Autism Insider

"I am so very grateful  for the chances I've been given and there are so many more autistic writers who deserve the same. Enter Geek Club Books Penfriend Project.

If we truly believe in universal human dignity and equality--of race religion, gender, sexuality, AND neurology, then there is nothing to do BUT encourage and give audience to the diverse spectrum community. You see, the Penfriend Project isn't a gift generously bestowed upon a group of autistic writers. The Penfriend Project is the powerful gift spectrum voices will bestow upon you...if you will only listen.

Jennifer Cook O'Toole

Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Founder of Asperkids