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Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 14 Cover

Issue 14: Trailblazers

In this issue of Zoom Autism Magazine you'll meet the autistic trailblazers who are building bolder, better lives not just for themselves but for anyone who comes after them.

More Trailblazers

Image of Finn Gardiner in front of an ASAN display
The Ideal, the Real, and Disability Advocacy
Image of founders of Neurodiversity Libraries
What Can Neurodiversity Libraries Do for the Autism Community?
Kris Guin in Washington DC
Building Pride and the Weight of Marginalization

This Issue’s ‘Big’ Question

What have you accomplished that you or others thought you would never be able to do?

Our Columnists

Conner Cummings
Cummings and Goings: Following Your Own Footsteps
Becca Lory
Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS
Live Your Dreams Autistically
Megan Amodeo
Megan Amodeo
Will There Be a Future Beyond Acceptance?
Carly Fulgham
Carly Fulgham
The View From Here: My Road to Motherhood