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Cover of Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 17 on Health

Issue 17: Health

Our cover story features Chloe Rothschild who shares her journey to feeling comfortable and understood by her medical community. She includes her best strategies for successful self-advocacy for your own health care needs.

Feature Stories

Lydia Wayman sitting in chair on stage
Why I Became Passionate About Autistic Advocacy in Health Care
Patient Chloe Rothschild on far left with her medical team and Dr. Ann Oldendorf on right
A Physician/Mom's Tips on Making the Most of Your Office Visit
Delaine Swearman walking in grass circle
Health Care Self-Care on the Spectrum
Backs of medical professionals in scrubs walking down hallway
How Serious are Health Care Issues in the Autistic Community?

This Issue’s ‘Big’ Question

What is the most important thing for doctors to know about treating #ActuallyAutistic patients?

Our Columnists

Conner Cummings at Disneyland
Conner Cummings
Cummings and Goings: Hope and a Fighting Determination
Headshot of Gretchen Leary
Gretchen McIntire
Showing My Body the Grace It Deserves
Daniel Derrico headshot
Daniel Derrico
THE VIEW FROM HERE: A Glimmer of Hope for Those Who Struggle
Megan Amodeo
Megan Amodeo
Why Our Family Takes the Same Trip Every Year